I'm an undergraduate studying computer science at UBC and my passion is coding. I love working on projects (like this website) and art, especially photography and graphic design. If you want to talk, free to reach out to me: me@frankwhoee.com



Software Developer Intern, SAP
Sep 2022 - Apr 2023

Software Developer Intern, HP Teradici
May 2022 - Aug 2022

Research Assistant, Simon Fraser University
Sep 2019 - Jun 2020


University of British Columbia
BSc, Computer Science
Sep 2020 - Present

Simon Fraser University
Concurrent Studies, CMPT 125 & 127
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019

Burnaby North Secondary School
Dogwood Diploma
Sep 2015 - Jun 2020



A scaleable web app deployed on Google Cloud built with NodeJS, React, Express, and SQL that is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive gaming community. We're aiming at becoming NA's largest e-sports organization by numbers.


A lightweight locally hosted video sharing solution built using Python, JS, Flask, and HTML/CSS. My friends and I wanted to watch movies and TV shows together over the pandemic, but we didn't want to use the suspicious ones that are available on the web, so I created an open source version that can be locally hosted without port forwarding. This project's key technology is SocketIO, which you can read about how I dealt with the challenges of synchronizing videos across the internet here.


A shipment tracker built for Hack Club using REST APIs to pull data from Airbase and a Flask backend with Bootstrap and jQuery frontend. Users login using Slack OAuth 2.0. The motivation for this project was from running a Hack Club personally. I was frustrated with the lack of transparency for package shipping—I needed to ask someone in a DM everytime to check on the status of a package, so I started drafting a whole system for package tracking, but Hack Club staff gave me access to their already existing Airtable database, so post_boy became an interface between club Leaders and the shipment database.


My team and I created an Android app that identified people based on their walking patterns using machine learning models trained with data gathered from phone accelerometers.


- Top 20 Award at nwHacks 2019


At the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair 2018, I built a platform for rapidly testing road formations for better traffic flow using Processing Java.


- Silver Medal GVRSF 2018
- Best Computer Science Project GVRSF 2018
- Best Mathematical Science Project GVRSF 2018

Project Code: S 011 F

. . . and there's more! Visit my GitHub to see even more projects.


Top 3 in Canada, Halite II
Two Sigma AI Competition
Rank 33/5832 worldwide
Jan 2018

Top 20 Award, nwHacks 2019
133 projects total
Jan 2019

Rapid Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Diagnosis Using Machine Learning
Silver Medal
Best Computer Science Project
BC Game Developer's Innovation Award
Apr 2019

Road Formation Testing Platform for Optimal Traffic Flow
Silver Medal
Best Computer Science Project
Best Mathematical Science Project
Apr 2018

Investigation of the Potential of Swarm Intelligence
Honourable Mention
Apr 2017

Bucket Sort Optimization
Honourable Mention
Apr 2016


Other than coding, I love doing photography and art! Check out my portfolio: